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Turnaround times

Turnaround times are calculated from the time of receipt of sample to the time that result is available to be emailed, posted or accessed electronically by SCIStore. Target turnaround times are > 90% within 6 working days for trace element analytes with the exception of cobalt and chromium in blood and mercury, arsenic, nickel, cobalt, chromium and cadmium in urine which are > 90% within 10 working days. Copper and iron in liver, mercury and arsenic in hair and trace elements in water also have a target turnaround time of > 90% within 10 working days. For vitamins target turnaround times are > 90% within 10 working days. In practice, our actual turnaround times are usually far better than this and so the average turnaround times for individual analytes are recorded in the tables found on each analyte's webpage. On occasions, clinical cases of toxic trace element poisonings require a faster turnaround time to optimise patient management. In such circumstances, please phone and we can usually arrange for our analytical runs to be reorganised to expedite analysis.

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